Space Boat

Show your courage in this stunning experience of the 2nd new slide "The Space Boat" from a height of 12 meters and with changements to dizzying levels, challenge your familly and friends in this entertaining aquatic attraction full of aventure and emotion which cut the breath and which will the most stunning slide of summer.

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Black Hole

Be the first to dive in our new aquatic attraction and to discover the Black Hole, dare to try the thrill of gliding on this dizzying slide, the highest in Tunisia and exclusively only at Acqua Palace. You'll have the time along the rise of 17 meters high to ask yourself what you are doing in this galley here an advice; take a deep breath because the descent of 150 meters long in a huge tunnel could take your breath away.

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Toboggan Kamikaze

You will not tremble once located on top of the bomber, with its height of 10 meters and speed reaching 50km/h, a large dip is at the arrival of the steep descent. The kamikaze Slide will give you sensations breathtaking... And you are begging for more.

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Toboggan Drop


Board the Drop Slide, prepare to be heckled turn, a whirl wind of giggles and splashes are guaranteed for the trip. A descent of 80 m is 100 fun !!

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Quickly resume your breath in 4 tracks side of the foam. Discover a funny way to refresh yourself and have fun as a group, an absolutely friendly shared attraction.

After thrill, certainly you don't have to be afraid of splashing, that's the beauty of the game !

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