Instructions (Park rules)

For your comfort and safety thank you to read and follow this regulation

For Your comfort and safety thank you to read and follow this regulation

1- It is forbidden to bring food, drink and glassware to the park, except items for babies are allowed

2- Playing in the pools and joking coarsely in the water or the space around the pools which may harm and bother the customers is forbidden

3-It is recommended to bring a suit swim that allows use of sliders (no zippers and metal bottons)

4-For reasons of hygiene, it is recommended not to swim with clothers so the use of a swimsuit or a grament with a jersey tissue is imperative. Anyone swimming with non conforming clothers will be out of water.

5- For hygiene reasons small chlidren who put diapers must use water proof diapers when they are in the pools and slides

6- It is recommended to use swimming buoys for kids under 12 years who are not good at swimming. (more information in the section of the site Attraction)

7- During storms swimmers have to be out of water quickly

8- Adults more than 12 years are not able to use games reserved for kids 

9-Kids less than 12 years are not permitted to use certain games (sets) reserved for adults

10- The parents or relatives are not authorized to take their very young chlidren in the arms or between legs when using sliders for adults

11-It is recommended to the people having health problems and to pregnant women not to use attractions

12-It is forbidden for swimmers to execute acrobatic divers or to push the people in water by joke 

13- Staff may intervene against the same disturbing even on the signs of the other swimmers

14-Swimming coaches in swimming pools are present only for more safety (security), they are not there to replace the parents or relatives.Each parent is responsible for acompanied children and Acqua Palace disclaims any responsibility for unaccompanied children

15-The park management do not respond to objects and values introduced into the establishment which are not desposited in the set point. It is better not to bring valuable objects and not leave your personal belongings unattended.

16- It is also forbidden to bring domestic animals to the park

17- The damage caused to flat band flowers and plants by negligence or breach of standards and rules must be indemnified by the responsible. In the event that the person has no money, personal objects of the latter are a deposit.

18- It is forbidden to enter in the cabin or changing room for more than one person at the same time

19-It is required to use the paper basket and waste bins for filing

20- Water used in the pools or attractions is not heated 

21 Security officers are authorized to intervene to enforce these regulations and punish or expel any transgressors


Thank you for your understanding...

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